CDC Reports Good News, Bad News
Disrupting Gut Microbiome Could Be Key
Drug Boosts Levels of Natural Endocannabinoids
Judicious Use of Antibiotics May Not Be Enough To Defeat Bacteria That Carry On By Going Into a Dormant State
KRAS Oncogene Is a Problematic Target So Researchers Are Trying Workdarounds
Understanding Neural Ensembles in Infralimbic Cortex May Lead To Improved Addiction Treatment
Vitamin E Found in Samples Around the Country
Study Links Them to Premature Death
Nag With Texting and a ‘Winners Circle’
How Serotonin and Fluoxetine Affect Microbiota Residing in the Gut
Modified gold-based molecules show promise as effective, targeted treatment

P&T September 2019
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Carbapenems are a primary treatment for infections from multidrug-resistant bacterial pathogens. To maintain their efficacy and control the emergence of further resistance, breakpoints that correspond to recommended doses with appropriate PK/PD target attainment are paramount.

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