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The US Navy Veterans Mesothelioma Advocate Now Offers a Navy Veteran with Mesothelioma Nationwide Direct Access to Attorney Erik Karst of the Amazing Law Firm of Karst von Oiste -- Get a Much Better Compensation Result

NEW YORK, Feb. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The US Navy Veterans Mesothelioma Advocate is offering a Navy Veteran with mesothelioma anywhere in the nation direct access to attorney Erik Karst of the law firm of Karst von Oiste so the person can learn what is involved in the mesothelioma compensation process and how much their potential claim could be worth. As the Advocate would like to explain anytime at 800-714-0303, "If you call an Internet ad about a 'free' kit, book, calculator or guide it's like opening Pandora's box. The Navy Veteran will start getting hounded by lawyers he has never hear of-night and day----and after a while the Veteran or their family no longer pick up their phone.

"We have endorsed attorney Erik Karst and his colleagues at the law firm of Karst von Oiste because they have been assisting Navy Veterans with mesothelioma for decades, they are responsible for over a billion dollars in financial compensation for people like this and they work overtime for their clients. Erik Karst and his team at the law firm of Karst von Oiste also make house calls for a face to face meeting about how, where and when a Navy Veteran with mesothelioma was exposed to asbestos. It is this information that becomes the basis for a mesothelioma compensation claim. For direct access to attorney Erik Karst of the law firm of Karst von Oiste please call 800-714-0303-anytime."

US Navy Veterans make up approximately one-third of people who will be diagnosed with mesothelioma in the United States each year. The types of US Navy Veterans who frequently get diagnosed with mesothelioma had the following type of rating related to their job duties on a ship.

  • B-BR-BT-Boiler Tender, Boiler Technician
  • CM-Construction Mechanic
  • EM-Electrician Mate
  • EN-Engineman
  • GS-Gas Turbine Technician
  • MM-Machinist Mate
  • MEW-Metalsmith Welder
  • SF-Shipfitter
  • SW-Steelworker
  • UT-Utilities-man

According to the CDC the states indicated with the highest incidence of mesothelioma include Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Louisiana, Washington, and Oregon.

However, based on the calls the US Navy Veterans Mesothelioma Advocate receives a US Navy Veteran who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma could live in any state including New York, Florida, California, Texas, Ohio, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Wyoming, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, or Alaska.

For more information about mesothelioma, please refer to the National Institutes of Health's web site related to this rare form of cancer:

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