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"This is Infertility" Releases New Episodes for Pride Month 2018

NEW YORK, June 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- This is Infertility, a podcast by Progyny, announced today the release of new episodes for Pride Month 2018. One episode, each highlighting how LGBTQ couples navigate the complex world of fertility, will be released every Monday in June.

Episode #5: Katie & Hilary - Changing the Plan
For same-sex female couples, one of the first decisions to make when you decide to start a family is who will carry the baby. But sometimes those roles don’t turn out as planned. We hear from Katie Acosta and Hilary Smith, a couple who had worked through those details. But when their chosen path didn’t work, they embarked on a new fertility journey called reciprocal IVF.

Host: Melissa Maldonado, Patient Care Supervisor, Progyny


  • Katie Acosta and Hilary Smith
  • Dr. Shahin Ghadir from Southern California Reproductive Center (SCRC)

Episode #6: Benjie & Jimmy - Becoming Daddy and Papa
Surrogacy can allow same-sex male couples, or single men, to have a biological child by using the intended parent’s sperm with the assistance of an egg donor and gestational carrier. We hear from Benjie and Jimmy Hyde, who found themselves at a crossroads when their original egg donor was unable to produce embryos.

Host: Justin Alvis, Manager of Member Services, Progyny


  • Benjie and Jimmy Hyde
  • Shelly Marsh, Marketing Director at Men Having Babies

Episode #7: Family Building & Equality for Same-Sex Couples
Any fertility journey can be complex, but for same-sex couples there are additional legal and political challenges that vary state by state. We hear from Trystan Reese, a transgender activist who works to ensure that every LGBT person has the right and ability to start their own family at the Family Equality Council, and Theresa Witherspoon who, with her wife, found their family through reciprocal IVF.

Host: Parawana Yasmin, Patient Care Advocate, Progyny


  • Trystan Reese, Director of Family Foundation, Family Equality Council
  • Theresa Witherspoon

Episode #8: Lindsey and Chrissy: Better Benefits, Clearer Decisions
According to a recent study by Reproductive Medicine Associates of NJ, almost 58% of people are forced to forego fertility treatment due to the anticipated financial burden. But what if your employer covered your treatment? We hear from Lindsey and Chrissy Callahan who were eager to start a family when they learned their employer-sponsored inclusive benefit would make their dream of having a child a reality.

Host: Manuela Henderson, Patient Care Advocate, Progyny


  • Lindsey & Chrissy Callahan

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