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Grown Rogue Brand Fills an Important Marketing Void with its Seed-to-Experience Model -- CFN Media

Seattle, Washington, Aug. 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- CFN Media Group (“CFN Media”), the leading agency and financial media network dedicated to the North American cannabis industry, announces publication of an article discussing Grown Rogue’s unique approach to cannabis marketing.

Oregon’s cannabis industry is projected to reach $835 million in 2018, according to Statista, driven by the legalization of recreational cannabis in 2015. While sales have increased significantly - some 1500% in Oregon alone - cannabis prices have been moving lower as production floods the market. The state has nearly one million pounds of cannabis in inventories with a population of just four million, prompting regulators to stop processing new applications for marijuana licenses.

Despite the significant growth, many consumers are overwhelmed with the sheer number of options when they walk into a dispensary. This is especially true for new cannabis consumers who have less experience.  For these consumers, it can be challenging to walk into a dispensary and choose the right product for the desired experience.

Grown Rogue is a multi-state cannabis brand that is solving these challenges through its seed-to-experience business model.

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Cutting-edge Cultivation Facilities & Practices

Grown Rogue’s cultivation facilities are located in the world famous Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon—known as the Napa Valley of Cannabis. With diverse micro-climates supporting many different strains of cannabis and a team with over 75 years of combined growing experience, the company produces some of the most consistent, highest quality products available on the market.

“Over the past few years, we have established both outdoor and indoor facilities to accommodate consumer product demands while maintaining very low production costs,” says Obie Strickler, Founder and CEO.

Grown Rogue’s Seed-to-Experience process starts by understanding the genetic profile of the seed by working with best of breed cultivars that have a proven history of potency and consistency. Grown Rogue’s master growers start their examination of the seeds and clones at the germination level and follow this analytic approach all the way through adjustments to humidity, temperature, light intensity, nutrient solutions, and other critical components of the growing cycle. The growers meticulously monitor the plant as it grows with an extensive daily checklist that ensures the absolute best environmental conditions are being achieved.

The company takes equally meticulous steps during the harvesting, curing, and trimming stages, where many other growers tend to make mistakes. For example, many growers dry cannabis too quickly, which results in a product that loses freshness and impact. The company’s master growers know that the biosynthesis that takes place that this stage is extremely important and highly dependent on temperature and humidity management. 

“The goal is to create the most consistent and highest quality product on the market by both understanding the plant and ensuring optimal growing conditions,” continued Strickler.

Understanding and Classifying the Psychoactive Effects for Consumers

Grown Rogue’s cultivation experience and production practices set the company apart from competitors, but the company’s focus on understanding the effects of cannabis are truly unique.

Grown Rogue uses both qualitative and quantitative analysis as part of their classification protocol. Using a large number of laboratory measured data points, like potency, THC to CBD ratios, genetic makeup, and terpenes they are able to create customized algorithms for placement of product into five categories of psychoactive/physiological experiences. The company has even gone a step further by partnering with research psychologists from the University of California Santa Barbara to design a scientifically validated survey that participants fill out before and after consumption of a product to quantify effects. The goal is to create algorithms based on quantitative plant chemistry variables and qualitative experience sampling to better connect consumers with the experiences that they desire.

“Individuals can now track cannabis experiences in a scientific fashion through this survey allowing consumers to fully understand how various products and consumption methods affect mood and experience,” explains Jonathan Schooler, PhD, one of the principal architects of the ROGUE Study.

Grown Rogue is combining survey data with lab data to generate the first scientifically-defensible classification criteria for cannabis. Many dispensary owners and consumers are unsure of the effects that each strain will produce, which makes it challenging to get the right experience on the first try. Grown Rogue aims to change that trend.

Looking Ahead

Grown Rogue’s unique approach to the market could unlock significant value for its stakeholders over time. By understanding and communicating how its products impact consumers, the company is building a powerful brand of products that are highly differentiated from competing alternatives that offer little consumer guidance.

“Our long term vision is to use the data generated from this study specifically for market research and providing products consumers desire - even if they don’t know it yet,” added Jacques Habra, Grown Rogue Chief Strategy Officer.

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