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BioStem Technologies Inc. Launches Expanded Shareholder Communications Initiative

Pompano Beach, FL, Aug. 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BioStem Technologies, Inc. (OTC PINK: BSEM) (“BioStem” or the “Company”), a global life sciences corporation, providing innovative technologies with a concentration in Pharmaceuticals and Regenerative Medicine that exponentially improve, extend, and transform the quality of life for patients, has today announced that it has implemented an expanded shareholder communications initiative to provide improved clarity into BioStem's business plans, upcoming research and development, drug approvals and growth strategy.  Prompted by an increase in shareholder inquiries, together with BioStem's desire for greater transparency, BioStem's expanded shareholder communications initiative will benefit both BioStem and its shareholders.

"We plan to utilize a multi-channel approach to make certain we are communicating properly with our shareholders," explained BioStem's marketing director, Matthew Wurm. 

BioStem’s comprehensive plan includes a redesign of the corporate website and the creation of multiple divisional websites, the development of an investor relations portal, consistent shareholder update videos, quarterly investor newsletters containing divisional updates from company management, an active blog with in-house contributors, and an expanded social media strategy.  In order execute on the aforementioned programs, the Company will seek to increase its shareholder communications with the launch of new features each month.  The corporate website will include a new investor relations newsroom, which will include real time press release dissemination, an active corporate blog featuring industry trends, Financial data, and automatic posting of public filings. The newsroom will also feature corporate videos including consistent shareholder update videos featuring officers, directors and key personnel.

In support of its shareholder relations initiative, the Company retained Interactive Offers (IO) to aid in the delivery of relevant information.  BioStem believes IO is the most efficacious and efficient means to tell the BioStem Technologies story.  Through a group of publishers authorized by IO to post BioStem furnished content on or via email communications, websites, text messages, or other digital resources, IO achieves tremendous reach.  BioStem's team will create the messaging in-house, and the publishers will determine how to best reach the intended audience.

"Operating in the high growth and rapidly advancing biopharmaceutical sector, we felt it would be productive to more frequently communicate with our respected investor base, facilitating a beneficial discourse, and in the long run this consistent news flow should play a role in combating short-selling and allow the Company to have consistent, relevant news flow allowing investors to digest information in multiple ways." added BioStem CEO, Henry Van Vurst.

About BioStem Technologies, Inc. (OTC PINK: BSEM): BioStem Technologies, Inc. is a global life sciences corporation, providing innovative technologies with a concentration in Pharmaceuticals and Regenerative Medicine. The Company’s mission is to discover, develop and produce the most effective Pharmaceutical and Regenerative Medicine products in the world. The Company is comprised of a diverse group of scientists, physicians, and entrepreneurs who collaborate to create innovative products. These technologies improve the Quality of Life for our patients and, as a result, drive shareholder value. 

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