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Research News

Antidepressants, ADHD meds are also used to self-poison
Data show PTC Therapeutics drug preserves lung function
U.S. maintains measles elimination status as NY outbreak ebbs
Rodent model suggests that TOM-1 protein may control key step in inflammatory underpinnings
Results based on 60 years of follow-up of a placebo-controlled BCG study conducted among Native Americans
Controversial review contradicts prevailing wisdom about negative health consequences of red, processed meat consumption
Addition of the checkpoint inhibitor increased complete response
A positive sign for PARP inhibitors as treatment drugs for prostate cancer
Bleeding Risk Means Patients Should Consult With Physician Before Taking Aspirin
TIMP-1, IL-6 Seem To Team Up To Fend Off Tx drugs
Study of Mixed Martial Arts Fighters, Rugby Players Could Lead to Improved Dx of TBI
Close to 80% of college students have suffered at least one episode
Brain imaging research suggests negative consequences for the amygdala
Motivational interviewing improves attendance at group therapy sessions
In Today's Wired World, Kids Are At Risk of Melting Down–And Worse
Media erodes self-esteem and contributes to sleep deprivation
Single daily pill combines hypertension, cholesterol drugs
A Diabetes Drug For People Without Diabetes
One in Five Kids’ Office Visits Results in an Off-Label Rx
Chronic Kidney Patients With Hyperphosphatemia May Be Another Market for the Drug
Disrupting Gut Microbiome Could Be Key
Drug Boosts Levels of Natural Endocannabinoids
Judicious Use of Antibiotics May Not Be Enough To Defeat Bacteria That Carry On By Going Into a Dormant State
KRAS Oncogene Is a Problematic Target So Researchers Are Trying Workdarounds
Understanding Neural Ensembles in Infralimbic Cortex May Lead To Improved Addiction Treatment
Nag With Texting and a ‘Winners Circle’
How Serotonin and Fluoxetine Affect Microbiota Residing in the Gut
Modified gold-based molecules show promise as effective, targeted treatment