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Health Care Reform

Involved Patients 80% Less Likely to Seek Legal Counsel
CMS issues guidance allowing states to propose programs
So-called “association plans” would be cheaper but cover less
In first few days, average daily sign-ups nearly double last year
GOP takes heavy fire over pre-existing conditions
New study examines impact of Medicaid changes
A couple of other steps may be waiting in the wings
Neither replacing nor repealing the act have the votes they need
10 senators don’t support the bill as written
President Trump holds White House meeting
Budget analysts again see millions of Americans going without insurance
Reform supplements the GOP’s American Health Care Act
Legislation lacks sufficient votes for passage
For facilities serving the uninsured, survival depends on government help
Aides and lobbyists get first peek at discussion draft
Original House bill gets “thumbs down”—critics brace for Senate version
Lawmakers to start reviewing bill in the next few days