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November 21

Surgical membrane heals damage with vitamin A derivative
No approved vaccines are available for this indication
‘The crisis is worsening,’ editorial writers say
Tablet is difficult to crush, break, or dissolve for illicit use
GAPVAC trial matches vaccines to individual glioblastoma patients

November 20

Seventy percent response rate observed in ongoing phase II study
Oncologists expected to embrace lower-cost alternatives to Neupogen
Price of Sovaldi caught payers by surprise, expert says

November 19

FDA submission expected later this year

November 18

Equipment could be ‘game-changer’ in glioblastoma treatment
Researchers investigate famciclovir/celecoxib combo
NIH studies find limited kidney benefit from more rigorous blood pressure treatment

November 17

Treatment improves progression-free survival compared with chemotherapy alone
Presence of type-1 interferon helps guide treatment choices
More than 80% of patients show no progression of joint structural damage
Approval based on data from two pivotal studies
Second virus-related death in U.S.

November 14

New testing sought for Mallinckrodt and Kudco Ireland ADHD drugs
Two-day meeting of experts seeks to prioritize global efforts
Improper contact lens habits pose major risk for serious infections
Approval decision expected early next year with ‘priority review’
Results are obtained within 90 minutes

November 13

Experts clarify areas of agreement across multiple guidelines
TNF-alpha inhibitors face competition from biosimilars
No FDA-approved meds can counteract antiplatelet effect
Analysis combines questionnaire, genetic profiling, and mammography scans

November 12

Health care executives see $1 million in added supply-chain costs
Procalcitonin levels differentiate bacterial and viral infections
Health workers can grab quick refresher course
Treatment meets all primary and secondary endpoints

November 11

Perceived financial burden can lead to non-adherence
Most overdoses involved prescription drugs, authors find
New data raise questions about traditional management after hospital discharge
Findings add to debate over early cancer-detection methods

November 10

Reviewers question risk–benefit profile
Promotional claims omit risk information
Nearly 5 million people treated each year
Daclatasvir, asunaprevir, and beclabuvir achieve 93% ‘cure’ rate



From Sovaldi to Ebola: A Wide-ranging Interview with Dr. David Nash

A leading authority on population health, Dr. David Nash is optimistic about the future of disruptive innovation to improve healthcare in the U.S. The interview was conducted by P&T Editor Sonja Sherritze.


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