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Clinical Trials

Researcher Made Himself Guinea Pig to Test the Drug
Treatment Shorter, Less Complicated Than Typical Regimen
Zip Device Faster to Apply, Minimizes Scarring
Overall Survival 4.3 Months’ vs. 1.5 Months for Traditional Regimens
Will Have a Longer Shelf Life Than Current, Expired Stockpile
Study Data Indicate Drug May Provide Complete Remission in PV
Nivolumab/Chemotherapy Arm Shows No Unexpected Toxicities
ASCO Results Exceed Researchers’ Expectations
22% of Patients Progression-Free Two Years Later
Currently Incurable RRP Affects 20,000 Cases in the U.S.
Novel Therapy Can Greatly Increase Stem, Immune Cell Numbers in Seven Days
Bone Marrow Cleared of Leukemia in Almost 60% of Patients
Addressing an Unmet Need in Patients With Burdensome Disease
OCA Meets Primary Endpoint of Improvement in Liver Fibrosis
Treatment Improves Motor Function, Preserves Neurons
Possible One-Time Treatment for Rare Pediatric CLN2 Disease
Key Finding Shows 65% of Patients Diagnosed With Early-Stage Lung Cancer
Drug Could Treat Cognitive Dysfunction and Other Symptoms
Approximately 40% of Patients With BRAF-Mutated Biliary Tract Cancer Respond Well
“EsophaCap” Uses Genetic Biomarkers to Detect Dangerous Changes in the Cells Lining the Esophagus
iPSC Therapy Designed to Salvage Eye, Prevent Vision Loss
Relief for Patients With Life-Threatening Blood-Clotting Disorder
Study Demonstrates Rapid Response in Patients, and Doesn’t Affect Tamoxifen Efficacy
Empagliflozin Could Help Prevent Heart Disease and Heart Failure
Daily Use of AHCC Supplement Could Support Immune System, Eliminate HPV
High-Tech “Nightwatch” is Capable of Detecting 85 Percent of Severe Night-Time Epileptic Seizures
Combination of Buprenorphine and Samidorphan Targets Opioid System Safely and Effectively