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Clinical Trials

Empagliflozin Could Help Prevent Heart Disease and Heart Failure
Daily Use of AHCC Supplement Could Support Immune System, Eliminate HPV
High-Tech “Nightwatch” is Capable of Detecting 85 Percent of Severe Night-Time Epileptic Seizures
Combination of Buprenorphine and Samidorphan Targets Opioid System Safely and Effectively
REDUCE-IT Study Shows 25% Risk Reduction in CV Events with Vascepa
Two Phase 3 Studies Met Endpoint of Complete Clearance of Lesions
Claims that tramiprosate helps stabilize patients over an 18-month period.
Latest failure brings amyloid hypothesis into question
Phase 3 results showed significantly longer survival compared to chemotherapy alone
Product would be the first lotion to combine halobetasol and tazarotene in one formulation
Monotherapy significantly improved overall survival as first-line therapy in certain NSCLC patients
Study is ongoing to determine overall survival in patients with certain lung cancer
Treatment tested after bunionectomy and hernia repair surgery