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Agency Actions

MP-101 Has Potential to Drastically Alter Disease Progression
ACE-083 May Improve Strength in Target Muscles, Enhance Quality of Life
FDA, CDC, and CMS Team Up To Improve Disaster Response Planning
Drug Has Potential Role In Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, and Neurodegeneration
Intratumoral Injection Stimulates Immune Activation
Development of “Immune/Transduction Modulator” Gaining Momentum
Treatment for Adults With Symptomatic Tenosynovial Giant Cell Tumor
Biomechanical Vascular Closure Device Reduces Time to Hemostasis
First Investigational Gene Therapy for Monogenic Heart Failure Syndrome
Targeted Antibody for FGR3-Positive Mutation
Aggressive Disease Represents Around 6% of All New Cases of NHL
New Therapy Could Prevent Painful, Unpredictable Pain Crises
Data from Phase 1 Study Expected by Summer of 2019
Treatment for 150 Million Cases of UTIs Costs $6 Billion/Year
BTC Is a Group of Rare Gastrointestinal Cancers With Limited Treatment Options, Poor Outcomes
Life-Threatening Side Effect of Drug for Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Gene Therapy Granted Regenerative Medicine, Fast Track Designations
More Than 80,000 Injuries Have Been Associated With Medical Devices for Pain Management Since 2008
Zulresso May Alleviate Symptoms for Thousands of Women
Device Measures GFR in Patients with Impaired, Normal Kidney Function
Drug Could Temper Immune System’s Attack on Platelets
Agency Scrutinizes Attempts to Block Generics
Anti-abortionist and Republican Opposition Leads to Cancelation of Contract with Fetal Tissue Firm
Training for Pharmacists and Nurses, Not Just Prescribers
Agency To Provide $18 Million Over the Next Four Years
Despite Savings from Pilot Programs, Medicaid Costs Have Soared
New Draft Guidance Seeks to Better Target Patient Needs
Quality Metrics Will Provide Feedback to Manufacturers