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October 31

Docs should consider the disease when dealing with chronic skin disorders
Pivotal phase III trial demonstrates headache relief within 15 minutes
Nearly half of diagnostic costs attributed to biopsies for persons without cancer
Prevention of castrate-resistant or metastatic disease remains key unmet need
African burial practices are “super-spreader events,” experts say

October 30

First vaccine to prevent serogroup B disease
Most Americans still don’t approve of the legislation
Treatment combines dapagliflozin and metformin
Ghrelin receptor agonist improves lean body mass in pivotal trial
Payers employ cost-control measures to limit use of pricey RA treatments

October 29

Up-and-coming technologies include mobile stroke ambulance and painless blood testing
Kappa opioid agonist reduces abuse potential
Once-daily pill works best in patients with abnormal kidney function
Treatment significantly reduces time to hemostasis versus gelatin sponge
Researchers assess effects of aspirin and statins

October 28

Returning medical workers should not be quarantined, agency says
Author sees opportunity to improve stroke prevention
Experts point to increased risk of harm and uncertain benefits
Sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor modulator achieves clinical remission
AKB-6548 associated with serious adverse effects

October 27

Data presented at CHEST 2014 meeting
Guidelines allow treatment before organ damage occurs
Ebola and Marburg shared common ancestor millions of years ago
Vaccines are on the horizon, but time is short, scientists say
Regulatory submission expected in mid-2015

October 24

100% of patients respond to treatment within 24 hours
Treating inflammation may be bad idea, authors say
If approved, product’s launch expected in second quarter, 2015

October 23

Capsules reduce exogenous insulin requirements in mid-stage trial
Electronic health records increase docs’ bureaucratic burden, authors say
Absence of single gene drives inflammation
Noninvasive method detects compounds produced by Aspergillus fungi

October 22

Authors recommend bundled payments for hospitals and physicians
TB/HIV co-epidemic poses key challenge
Researchers see possibility of vaccine for heart disease

October 21

Reference pricing aims to cut costs
Safety involves three key principles
Experts anticipate launch of first therapies for geographic atrophy

October 20

Morphine/naltrexone combo expected to reduce oral abuse when crushed
Disease ignored by public, neglected by doctors, experts say
Flexible custom mask covers hollow eye socket at lower cost



From Sovaldi to Ebola: A Wide-ranging Interview with Dr. David Nash

A leading authority on population health, Dr. David Nash is optimistic about the future of disruptive innovation to improve healthcare in the U.S. The interview was conducted by P&T Editor Sonja Sherritze.



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