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June 24

Glucose-lowering drug demonstrates protective effects in large clinical trial
Fewer than 7% return unused medications
Scientists look at breast ductal-fluid microbiome
Pivotal U.S. trial terminated because of liver abscess

June 23

Fraud schemes involve $900 million in false billing
Investigators find RNA from epidemic viruses
Almost 10 million U.S. adults misused prescription opioids in 2012–2013

June 22

Opponents decry return to “bad old days”
Treatment targets main constituents of neurofibrillary tangles
Study shows improved reduction of immune-activation markers
Researchers find new use for pioglitazone

June 21

Employers see a way to reduce lost productivity
Fewer than 20% of patients return because of suboptimal care
Dementia-related changes in the brain may affect glucose handling
GLS-5700 induced antibody responses in animals