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April 21

Less than a third report seeing information comparing doctors, hospitals
Report calls for better treatment, awareness, research
Ninety-five percent of plans require prior authorization for DMARDs
New research supports previous findings
Over-the-counter compounds may replace damaged cells

April 20

FDA considers therapy for von Willebrand disease
New technology brings specialists to the bedside

April 17

Cancer specialists examine future payment models to improve care and lower costs
Sandoz makes a move on Teva’s immune modifier
Median progression-free survival is 13.5 months for AZD9291
Pivotal phase III data to be presented at neurology meeting
Nurse-led innovations save more than $28 million annually nationwide, association says

April 16

Specialty societies give ‘thumbs down’ to low-benefit, high-cost preoperative testing
But some Medicare doctors still face temporary pay cuts
Centers judged on patients' satisfaction
Treatment indicated to reduce risk of hospitalization
Risk is dose-dependent for simvastatin and atorvastatin