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February 8

Infection threatens Olympic Games in Rio
The guidelines cover pregnant women and women of reproductive age with possible exposure to the virus
Opioid-related deaths surpass auto fatalities in U.S.
Patients treated with fluoroquinolones and macrolides are most vulnerable

February 5

Providers hope for the best, prepare for the worst
If approved, treatment would be second biosimilar in U.S.
Company wants to increase targeted gene mutations from 10 to 23
Treatment improves survival versus standard-of-care chemotherapy
Researchers test disposable electrochemical sensor

February 4

Invasive blood sampling may no longer be necessary
Infection linked to blood transfusions in Brazil
Colorado mosquito experts offer advice
Only intravenous NK-1 receptor antagonist approved in U.S. for use in MEC

February 3

Daraprim isn’t the only offender
Lawmakers fall short on votes to override president’s veto
No approved vaccine is currently available
Treatment inhibits interleukin signaling