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August 2

Generics expected to challenge new launches through 2022 (August 1)
First study of its kind finds risk above ‘acceptable’ level (August 1)
New labeling includes infants and toddlers from 2 months of age (August 1)
Rare fatalities may occur (August 1)
Ondansetron studied for alcohol dependence (August 2)

August 1

Combo product absorbed through cheek or under tongue (August 1)
Combo therapy with dexamethasone improves 3-year survival (August 1)
New technique could reduce costs for chronic wound management (August 1)
Researchers identify possible interventional target for cognitive health (July 31)
Strips sold in retail stores and online, and used in health care facilities (July 31)
May disrupt birth of new neurons in prefrontal cortex (August 1)

July 31

Findings suggest major differences between obese adults and children (July 30)
Drug extends lifespan in animals, researchers say (July 30)
Specter of disease and death is no deterrent (July 31)
New research targets Fragile X syndrome, nicotine addiction, and macular degeneration (July 31)

July 30

Cardiologists see chance to reduce hospital readmissions and mortality (July 29)
Programs’ success depends on which antibiotics are targeted (July 29)
Study finds increased use of opioids and nonguideline therapies (July 29)
Authors see need for inter-hospital collaboration (July 30)