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Industry Trends

Medicaid Fastest-Growing Managed Health Care Segment

States refusing ACA Medicaid expansion will still see growth

U.S. Lawmakers Question $84,000 Treatment for HCV Infection

Sovaldi (sofosbuvir) draws fire from insurers and health care advocates

Court Ruling Invalidates Celebrex Patent

Generic companies get ready to pounce

Heart Disease, Stroke-Risk Estimator App Available for Health Care Professionals

Tool calculates 10-year and lifetime risks of heart attack and ischemic stroke (February 18)

Report: New Oral Anticoagulants Will Drive Growth in Atrial Fibrillation Drug Market

Eliquis forecast to be leading anticoagulant (December 19)

Report: Asthma Drug Market Will Remain Relatively Flat Through 2022

Once-daily Breo/Relvar expected to challenge Advair (December 18)

Reports Assess Unmet Needs in Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases Drug Markets

Availability of generic metformin and sulfonylureas for diabetes will influence formulary coverage (December 17)

Analysts See Chronic-Pain Drug Market Rebounding From Generic Erosion Over Next Decade

Anti-nerve growth factor therapies expected to garner significant sales (December 12)

Ovarian Cancer Drug Market Set to More Than Double by 2022, Analysts Find

Bevacizumab and seven new therapies will drive market growth (December 11)

Report: High Cost of Biologics and New Oral Agents to Treat Immune Diseases Limits Patient Access

Drug marketers expected to face increasing payer restrictions (December 10)

When Palliative Care Is the Best Care

Growing subspecialty saves money, lengthens lives (December 3)

Report: Sales of Antiretroviral Drugs for HIV Will Decrease Slightly Over Next Decade

Key antiretroviral treatments face generic erosion (December 4)

President Obama Signs Drug Compounding Bill

Compounding outsourcers will be inspected by FDA (November 27)

Shortage of Practicing Rheumatologists in the U.S.

Closest doctor may be 100 to 200 miles away (November 27)

Report: Half of Drug-Treated Patients With Major Depressive Disorder Progress to Second-Line Therapies Within 1 Year of Diagnosis

Aripiprazole is leading atypical antipsychotic (November 26)

Report: Current HCV Regimens to Face Strong Competition After Launch of Sofosbuvir and Simeprevir

Physicians put patients on hold, await new therapies (November 21)

Current MRSA Antibiotics to Face Competition From Two Newer Drugs

Dalbavancin and oritavancin may be more convenient in the outpatient setting (November 19)

Report: Managed Care Plans Influence Physician Prescribing

Expansion of managed care influence in Medicare and Medicaid is key factor (November 18)

Report: Gastroenterologists Have Increased Their Use of TNF-Alpha Inhibitors for Ulcerative Colitis

Infliximab is most popular first-line biologic (November 14)

Infectious-Disease Experts Call for Better Tests to Improve Patient Care

Fast, inexpensive testing could reduce erroneous use of antibiotics (November 7)

Report: Despite Rapid Growth, Retail Clinic Use Remains Modest

Users cite convenience factors (November 7)

Report: Contrave (Bupropion/Naltrexone) Expected to Become Most Widely Used Obesity Treatment

Weight-loss drug market will grow to $2.5 billion in 2022 (November 6)

Report: SLE Drug Market Will Grow Dramatically Over Next Decade

Growth fueled by continued uptake of Benlysta and entry of other biologics (October 30)

Report: NHL Drug Market Will Nearly Double to More Than $10 Billion by 2022

Rituximab and new premium-priced agents drive annual growth (October 28)