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Is Parkinson’s an Autoimmune Disease?

T cells see neurons as “foreign invaders,” authors say

New Report Finds About 12 Million Outpatients Misdiagnosed Annually in U.S.

Published studies provide data on diagnostic errors

New CDC Data Show Declines in Diabetes-Related Complications Among U.S. Adults

Health care system still bears heavy burden

New Blood Test Detects Recurrent Breast Cancers

Assay finds cancer DNA 95% of the time

Body Mass Index Associated With Breast Cancer, Regardless of Body Shape

Study may clarify association between obesity and breast cancer

Medical Devices for Children Often Tested Only in Adults

Authors find disconnect between clinical trials and ‘real world’

Survey: Ivabradine Set to Become ‘Gold Standard’ in Treatment of Chronic Heart Failure

Opportunities exist for therapies offering reductions in mortality and hospitalization rates

Study: Nearly 10% of U.S. Adults Have Diabetes

Disease affects 21 million people aged 20 years or older

Community Demographics Linked to Hospital Readmissions

More than half of readmissions associated with location rather than performance

Cochrane Review: Governments Wasted Money Stockpiling Tamiflu

No evidence that antiviral drug stops spread of influenza

Prostate Cancer Tests Underestimate Disease in Half of Cases

Study finds need for better testing before surgery

Nephrologists Report Decline in Use of ESAs in Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis Patients Compared With 1 Year Ago

Survey finds interest in hyperkalemia drugs ZS-9 and patiromer

New Polymer–Antibiotic Combo Targets MRSA

Treatment causes bacteria to burst

Intranasal Ketamine Confers Rapid Antidepressant Effect in Major Depressive Disorder

Finding may point to new drug class

NIH Study: Spinal Stimulation Helps Paraplegic Patients Regain Voluntary Movement

Groundbreaking results offer new hope for patients with spinal cord injury

Handheld Device Uses Blood Sample to Distinguish Asthma From Allergies

Researchers track chemotaxis velocity

Survey: U.S. Neurologists Willing to Accept Safety Risk if New MS Therapies Can Reduce Disability Progression

Payers sensitive to risk profile of new therapies when making formulary decisions

Study: U.S. Childhood Obesity Rates Have Increased Since 1999

Data contradict CDC report

Study: Milk Intake May Delay Knee OA in Women

No effect seen in men

CDC Finds Dramatic Increase in E-Cigarette–Related Calls to Poison Centers

Rapid rise highlights need to monitor nicotine exposure

Study: Depression Increases Heart Failure Risk by 40%

Findings presented at European cardiology meeting

Survey: Both Physicians and Payers Are Sensitive to Risk of Next-Day Impairment With Insomnia Therapies

Highest level of unmet need ascribed to insomnia treatments with reduced risk of abuse, tolerance

Nanoparticles Cause Cancer Cells to Self-Destruct

Researchers develop novel treatment approach

Fertility Drugs Do Not Increase Long-Term Breast Cancer Risk, Study Finds

Patients followed for 30 years in large-scale analysis

CDC Report: Pulmonary Hypertension Deaths Have Increased Over Past Decade

Death rates significantly higher for women than for men

Proton Therapy Limits Prostate Cancer Recurrence

Survey finds 97% of patients remain cancer free after treatment

NIH Report: Aspirin Shows Mixed Results in Preventing Pregnancy Loss

Only small subgroup of women appears to benefit

Medical Costs Triple for High-Risk Opioid Users

Rate of high-risk use low among commercially insured

Why Smoking Could Worsen Obesity

New study contradicts belief that tobacco helps control weight

Study: Renal Denervation Doesn’t Lower Blood Pressure

About 10,000 procedures have been performed worldwide

CDC Report: Autism Estimates Continue to Rise

Rate is 30% higher than previous estimates

Report: At 6 Months Post-Launch, Nearly One Half of U.S. Oncologists Prescribe Dabrafenib (Tafinlar) for Malignant Melanoma

Oncologists likely to replace vemurafenib prescriptions with dabrafenib/trametinib combo

CDC Studies: More Than 200 Americans Die Every Day From Health Care-Associated Infections

National and state data detail threat

New Study Shows Flu Vaccine Reduced Children’s Risk of ICU Flu Admission by Three-Fourths

First study to estimate vaccine effectiveness against flu admissions to pediatric ICUs

Report: Breast Cancer Treatment Will Become More Dynamic as Companies Launch Targeted Agents, Regimens

Perjeta and Kadcyla reshape treatment algorithm

New Septic Shock Biomarker Test

Blood analysis could improve interventions in adults

Study: Mood-Stabilizing Drug Reduces Risk of Head-and-Neck Cancer

Valproic acid reduces risk by 34% in users versus non-users

Non-Refrigerated Spray Vaccine Could Curb Diseases in Remote Areas

Nanovaccines trigger cell-mediated immune response

Report: New Heart Guidelines Could Mean Unnecessary Statins for Millions of Americans

Treatment carries risk of diabetes

Noninvasive Screening Tool for Colorectal Cancer

DNA analysis out-performs fecal immunohistochemical test

Survey Identifies Sofosbuvir (Sovaldi) as ‘Defining’ HCV Therapy

Sofosbuvir-based regimens expected to dominate treatment of genotype-1 infections

U.S. Headache Sufferers Get $1 Billion Worth of Brain Scans Each Year

Authors find that 12% of doctor visits for headaches result in a scan

Primary Androgen Deprivation Therapy Ineffective for Most Men With Early Prostate Cancer

Study finds same survival in treated and untreated patients

Sepsis Study Finds Same Survival Rate With Three Treatment Methods

NIH-funded clinical trial tests protocols against usual high-level care

New Evidence Raises Questions About Link Between Fatty Acids and Heart Disease

Research findings do not support current guidelines, authors say

Patient Requests for Specific Drugs Have Major Influence on Prescribing

Direct-to-consumer advertising may increase medication costs, study finds

Study: Colon Cancer Rates Decrease Sharply in Older Americans

Growing use of colonoscopy credited for drop

Harvard Scientists Build DNA ‘Cages’

Tiny structures could be used for drug delivery

Gonorrhea on Verge of Being Untreatable, CDC Warns

Only two cephalosporins are approved for use

Researchers Link Diabetes and Pancreatic Cancer

Screening program recommended

Study: Transition to ICD-10 May Cause Information, Financial Losses for Providers

Code ambiguity could mean problems with reimbursement

Study Questions Accepted Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Findings ignite impassioned debate

Study: Prescriptions for Opioids Stabilizing After Fivefold Increase Over 10 Years

Effectiveness of prescription drug monitoring programs varies by state

Scientists Discover Potential Heart Attack Treatment Without Side Effects

Protein receptors have ‘dimmer switch’

ASCO Report: U.S. Could Face Shortage of Cancer Doctors

Document examines factors affecting America’s ability to provide high-quality cancer care

New Theory on Cause of Endometriosis

Researchers look beyond genetic mutations

Blood Test Identifies Those at Risk for Cognitive Decline, Alzheimer’s Within 3 Years

Preclinical biomarker assay may be on the horizon

Doctors Often Uncertain in Ordering, Interpreting Lab Tests

Number of tests has doubled to more than 3,500 over past 20 years

Penicillin ‘Allergy’ Label at Hospital Admission May Lead to 10% Longer Hospital Stays

But less than 5% of patients with history of ‘allergy’ are truly allergic

Report: Medication Spending Expected to Increase 5% in 2014

Prescription drug sales totaled about $326 billion last year

Micro-RNAs Retard Development of Atherosclerosis in Early Studies

Researchers see potential for nanoparticle therapy

Complications Following Surgery Predict Costly Readmissions

Online tool helps clinicians flag high-risk patients

Electrical Frequencies May Help Heal Chronic Wounds

Potential for electrical-based wound treatment is far-reaching, researchers say

Improving Antibiotic Prescribing in Hospitals Can Make Health Care Safer

CDC calls on hospitals to use new checklist to improve prescribing practices

Patient-Specific Immunotherapy Shows Promise in HIV Studies

Programmed dendritic cells attack disease antigens

Gallup Survey: U.S. Obesity Rate on the Rise

Chronic diseases are most prevalent in the most obese states

Report: Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage Saved $1.5 Billion a Year in First 4 Years

Study also finds significant reductions in hospital admissions

Heart Association Calls for More Research on Gender Differences

Only one-third of subjects in cardiovascular trials are women

Novel Multidrug-Resistant Bacterium Keeps Hanging On

Swedish hospital has harbored same bug for 10 years (February 27)

Report: Newer Diabetes Drugs Cost More, But May Not Work Better

Researchers see opportunity for substantial savings (February 27)

Nobel Prize Winner Proposes New Theory for Cause of Type 2 Diabetes

Evidence points to lack of biological oxidants (February 28)

Self-Administration of Flu Vaccine With Patch May be Feasible, Study Suggests

Test subjects prefer patches over injections (February 26)

Study: Stem-Cell Injections Reduce Low Back Pain

MPCs repair disc structure (February 26)

One in Five U.S. Hospitals Don’t Put Hand Sanitizer Everywhere Needed to Prevent Infections

Study examines compliance with WHO hand hygiene guidelines (February 27)

Gallup Survey: U.S. Obesity Rate Climbs to 27% in 2013

Highest rate in Gallup’s 6-year tracking history (February 27)

New CDC Data Show Decline in Obesity Among Young Children

Obesity prevalence drops 43% (February 25)

Report: Vascular Disease Affecting Women 'Poorly Understood' by Health Care Providers

Disorder can cause hypertension, kidney failure, and stroke (February 25)

Report: Uninsured Adolescents and Young Adults More Likely to Be Diagnosed With Advanced Cancer

Study identifies age groups that have benefitted least from cancer progress (February 24)

Report: Antibody May Be Detectable in Blood Years Before MS Symptoms Appear

Findings suggest role for KIR4.1 in disease development (February 21)

Computerized Checklist Reduces Hospital Infections, Study Finds

Bloodstream infections from central lines show significant drop (February 23)

CDC Report: Flu Hits Younger and Middle-Aged Adults Particularly Hard This Season

Vaccination lowers risk of having to see doctor by about 60% for all ages (February 20)

Cell Therapy Eradicates Cancer in Clinical Study

Leukemia patients respond to genetically modified immune cells (February 19)

Report: Fluoride Dangerous to Childrens’ Brains?

Experts identify fluoride as developmental neurotoxin (February 20)

Anticonvulsant Drug Topiramate Reduces Heavy Drinking

Glutamate receptor plays key role (February 14)

Report: Cancer Doctors Have Opportunities to Cut Costs Without Risk to Patients

Experts cite potential savings on end-of-life care, medical imaging, and new drug prices (February 14)

HIV Drug Reverses Effects of Virus That Causes Cervical Cancer

Researchers see potential treatment (February 17)

New Blood Test Identifies Individuals at Risk of Heart Attack

Assessment focuses on vascular inflammation (February 13)

Report: African-Americans, Hispanics, Older Americans Not Benefiting Equally From Improvements in Colon Cancer Treatment

Survival improvements seen mainly in non-elderly Caucasians and Asians (February 14)

NIH Study Evaluates Asthma Therapies for African-Americans

Researchers explore genetics of treatment response (February 12)

Study: Metal Implants May Reduce Chemotherapy Side Effects

Palladium activates chemotherapy drugs (February 13)

Pregabalin Effectively Treats Restless Leg Syndrome

Treatment less likely to cause symptom worsening versus pramipexol (February 13)

Common Infections May Increase Risk of Memory Decline

Researchers link antibody levels to worsening cognitive function (February 13)

Study Questions Use of Mortality as Measure of Stroke Care

Early DNR orders can skew hospitals’ quality rankings (February 12)

Immune Signature Predicts Poor Outcome in Flu Patients

Discovery sets stage for more effective therapies (February 10)

Smoking Linked With Increased Risk of Most Common Type of Breast Cancer in Young Women

Smokers more likely to have estrogen receptor-positive disease (February 10)

Credit Card-Sized Device Could Help Diagnose Pancreatic Cancer in Minutes

Fluid transport technology processes whole-tissue biopsies (February 6)

Regular Aspirin Use May Reduce Ovarian Cancer Risk

NIH researchers see benefits of aspirin and nonapsirin NSAIDs (February 6)

Study: Yogurt Consumption Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Risk reduced by 28% in consumers versus non-consumers (February 5)

New Risk Factor Found for Schizophrenia

Scientists discover link to unstudied gene (January 5)

New Analysis of Endometriosis Could Help Diagnosis, Treatment

MIT team illuminates complex disease (February 5)

Study Finds Hospitals Don’t Follow Infection Prevention Rules

Authors conduct most comprehensive review in more than three decades (February 6)

EHRs Hold Promise of Improved Health Care

Authors present gaps, recommendations (February 4)

Report: Fewer Than Half of Women Attend Recommended Doctor Visits After Childbirth

Visits considered 'window of opportunity' to ensure preventive care (February 5)

Simple At-Home Stool Tests Detect Most Colon Cancers

FIT requires only one stool sample (February 4)

Report: Thousands of Unvaccinated Adults Die From Preventable Diseases

Financial barriers, insurance, communication among problems (February 4)

Engineered Virus Is Effective Against Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cells

Researchers see potential cure (January 31)

Antibiotic ‘Smart Bomb’ Targets Specific Strains of Bacteria

Findings set stage for next-generation antibiotics, authors say (January 31)

Targeted Therapy Shows Promise for Common Form of Lung Cancer

Clinical trials in patients planned (January 31)

Bladder Cancer Study Reveals Potential Drug Targets

Researchers find similarities to other cancers (January 29)

Survey Finds Long Wait Times for Doctor Visits

Americans wait an average of 18.5 days (January 29)

Scientists Develop New Strategy to Fight Bacterial Infections

‘Naked’ bugs can’t attach to cells (January 29)

First Retinal Prosthesis Implants Performed in U.S.

Two patients receive ‘bionic eye’ (January 29)

Study: Hormone Replacement Therapy May Increase Risk of Pancreatitis

Risk higher among women who use systemic therapy (January 27)

Vaginal Cream Blocks HIV Transmission in Lab Setting

Researchers use silver nanoparticles (January 28)

Melatonin Shows Potential to Slow Tumor Growth in Breast Cancers

Hormone reduces tumor volume in cancer models (January 28)

New Study Compares Hypertension Drugs for Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

ARBs and ACE inhibitors may slow brain degeneration (January 28)

Researchers Discover Process That Turns 'Good’ Cholesterol Bad

Dysfunctional HDL promotes inflammation and coronary artery disease (January 26)

Antimicrobial Copper Listed Among Top 10 Technologies to Watch in 2014

Annual report highlights health-system issues (January 24)

Study: When Hospitals Share Patient Records, Emergency Patients Benefit

Research shows value of health information exchanges (January 24)

Study: Omega-3 Intake May Reduce Brain Aging in Older Women

Higher fatty acid levels linked to larger brain volume (January 22)

Heart Association Report: Exercising More, Sitting Less Reduces Heart Failure Risk in Men

Data support recommendation of at least 2.5 hours of aerobic activity per week (January 21)

Holographic Diagnostics

‘Smart’ holograms are tested in diabetic patients (January 22)

Study: Exposing Skin to Sunlight May Help Lower Blood Pressure

Ultraviolet light affects nitrous oxide in skin and blood (January 20)

Report Finds Decreased Life Expectancy for MS Patients

First large-scale U.S. study provides new information (January 21)

Vitamin D Supplements Reduce Fibromyalgia Pain

Researchers say vitamin D may be cost-effective treatment (January 17)

Mayo Clinic to Test Stem-Cell Heart Therapy

FDA gives the okay (January 17)

Study: Melatonin May Lower Prostate Cancer Risk

Findings support importance of maintaining stable sleep–wake cycle (January 19)

Emergency Docs Give U.S. Failing Grade

‘Report card’ sees shrinking resources and increasing demands (January 16)

CDC Report: U.S. Smoking Rates Drop to Historic Lows

Only 18% of Americans smoke cigarettes (January 17)

Scribes Reduce ER Wait Times

Most are pre-med or pre-nursing students (January 16)

New Breast Cancer Findings Explain How Cancer Spreads

Two types of stem cells are necessary for metastasis (January 14)

Study Questions Anticancer Mechanisms of Metformin

Drug targets mTOR pathway, not AMPK (January 13)

Flu Forecasting Website Posts First Predictions

Ongoing flu season predicted to peak in January for most of U.S. (January 13)

Study: Fish-Derived Omega-3 Fatty Acids Help Reduce Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Published reports have been contradictory (January 14)

Study: Hypertension Therapy Also Prevents Migraines

Candesartan noninferior to propranolol (January 13)

Inappropriate Use of Antibiotics in ERs Remains a Problem

Incorrect use for respiratory infections decreases in children, but not in adults (January 9)

Survey Shows Drug Shortages Have Major Impact on Patient Care

Nearly half of pharmacy directors report shortage-related adverse events (January 9)

Researchers Develop Artificial Bone Marrow

Advancement could facilitate leukemia treatment (January 10)

Simple Blood Test Can Indicate Cervical Cancer

Researchers develop ‘plasma thermogram’ (January 8)

Study: Most U.S. Docs Don’t Discuss Alcohol With Patients

About 38 million U.S. adults drink too much (January 7)

Hospitals Serving Elderly Poor More Likely to Be Penalized for Readmissions

Centers treating ‘dual eligibles’ pay the price (January 7)

Drugs Related to Cannabis Have Pain-Relieving Potential for OA

Cannabinoid receptor found in spinal cord (January 6)

Report: Cancer Deaths Continue to Drop in U.S.

Progress most rapid for middle-aged African-American men (January 7)

CDC: Seasonal Flu Widespread in U.S.

H1N1 virus is major culprit (January 3)

Gel Reduces Tremors in Parkinson’s Disease

Researchers study levodopa–carbidopa intestinal gel versus pill form (January 6)

What Is Different About Women’s Health?

Studies explore disparity in health risks between men and women (January 6)

New Medicare Data Show High Rates of Hospital Readmissions in Some States

Experts question readmission measures (January 6)

Scientists Explain Age-Related Obesity: Brown Fat Fails

Discovery could lead to new therapeutic targets in obesity-related diseases (January 2)

Report: Hypertension Potentially More Dangerous for Women Than for Men

Researchers call for tailored treatment (January 2)

Top 10 U.S. Well-Being Discoveries in 2013

Gallup publishes highlights from health and well-being findings (December 29)

Survey: Patients’ Sense of Urgency — Not Convenience — Contributes to Much ED Use

Almost half with perceived ‘urgent’ problem wind up in ED (December 30)

Report: African-American Women Have Higher Rates of Hypertension

African-Americans twice as likely as Caucasians to have unknown and untreated high blood pressure (December 23)

Early Reports of pH1N1-Associated Illnesses for Current Flu Season

CDC issues health alert (December 24)

Study: Infectious Diarrhea Germs Stick to Health Care Workers’ Hands

Contamination highest among nursing assistants (December 23)

Cancer Immunotherapy Named ‘Breakthrough of the Year’

Science lauds ground-breaking treatment (December 20)

NCI Report: Lung Cancer Death Rates Continue to Fall

Decrease helps drive drop in overall cancer deaths (December 16)

Medicare Identifies Best And Worst Hospitals For Hip And Knee Replacements

New analysis is part of government’s effort to improve quality of care (December 17)

New Concerns Over Safety of Commonly Used Anesthetic

Authors report increased risk of death in patients receiving etomidate (December 13)

Medications Developed for Other Uses May Curb Cervical Cancer

Ciclopirox and deferiprone inhibit cancer-causing enzyme (December 16)

Study: U.S. Ranks Near Bottom in Efficiency of Health Care Spending

Women fare worse than men in most countries (December 12)

New Way to Fight Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

Researchers target human cells instead (December 11)

Study: Antihormone Drug Anastrozole May Prevent Breast Cancer in Postmenopausal Women

Women 53% less likely to develop disease over 5 years (December 12)

WHO Report: Cancer Deaths Up Sharply Worldwide

Breast cancer also on the rise (December 12)

NIH Report: Tobacco, Drug Use in Pregnancy Can Double Risk of Stillbirth

Researchers document increased risk associated with marijuana, other substances (December 11)

Study: Stomach Acid Drugs May Increase Risk of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Authors point finger at PPIs and H2RAs (December 11)

Major Smoking-Cessation Therapies Pose No Serious Heart Risks

Antidepressant bupropion protects against serious events (December 9)

Authors Call for Increased Attention to Cancer Risk From Silica

Action could help millions of Americans exposed to silica at work (December 10)

Diabetes Identified as Risk Factor for Liver Cancer Across Ethnic Groups

Risk is highest for Latinos (December 8)

Modified T Cells Are Effective in Treating Blood-Borne Cancers

New NCI data presented at hematology meeting (December 9)

CDC Report: Measles Still a Threat

On 50th anniversary of measles vaccine, spike in imported cases (December 5)

H7N9 Bird Flu Is Poorly Adapted for Infecting Humans

Pandemic is unlikely, scientists say (December 6)

Cigarette Smoking After Cancer Diagnosis Increases Risk of Death

Study finds ‘room for improvement’ in post-diagnosis tobacco control (December 6)

Swallowing a Diagnostic Pill

Scientists develop new way to detect early stomach cancer (December 4)

Alzheimer’s Group Warns of Dementia Epidemic

Worldwide, more than 130 million people will be affected by 2050 (December 5)

Nontoxic Hydrogel Improves Delivery of Breast Cancer Drug

Researchers develop injectable gel as carrier for trastuzumab (December 4)

Oxytocin Spray Improves Brain Function in Children With Autism

Yale researchers see potential for hormone therapy (December 2)

Disability, Distress in RA Patients Cut in Half Over Last 20 Years

Researchers cite reduced disease activity (December 3)

New Urine Test Could Help Detect Aggressive Bladder Cancer

Scientists measure protein shed by bladder tumors (November 29)

Gallup Poll: Americans’ Desire to Shed Pounds Outweighs Effort

Only 18% are at ideal weight (November 29)

Drug Regimen May Eradicate CRE ‘Superbug’

Researchers focus on gentamicin and colistin (November 25)

Subcutaneous Nanoparticles May Help Diabetic Patients Avoid the Needle

Ultrasound device stimulates insulin release (November 21)

Displaying Lab Costs Upfront Could Save Money

Study shows benefit of including real-time costs of lab tests in EHR system (November 21)

Gallup Poll: Cost Is Top Health Problem in U.S.

Obesity ranks first among ailments (November 21)

New Blood Test Diagnoses Concussion, Predicts Long-Term Disability

Protein levels correlate with brain-tissue damage (November 19)

Blood Samples May Soon Diagnose Early-Stage Breast Cancer

Researchers work to develop inexpensive test (November 14)

Vaccine Shows Efficacy Against H7N9 Bird Flu

Seroprotection induced in 81% of recipients (November 13)

New Treatment Eradicates MRSA Infection

‘Persister’ cells are the villains (November 13)

Report: Diabetes Surge Hits Every Nation

U.S. ranks third, after China and India (November 14)

Report: Deaths From Pancreatic Cancer Rise, Fall Along Racial Lines

Trends among whites and African-Americans go in opposite directions (November 12)

Breathalyzer Monitors Blood Glucose in Diabetics

Innovative device identifies acetone in patients’ breath (November 13)

Analysis of U.S. Health Care Indicates Improvement in Outcomes Has Slowed

Despite massive spending, U.S. trails peer nations (November 13)

Device May Help Doctors Diagnose Lethal Heart Rhythm in Womb

‘Magnetocardiogram’ detects QT syndrome (November 11)

‘Clinical Score’ for Patients With Sore Throats Cuts Antibiotic Use

Test reduces antibiotic prescriptions by almost 30% (November 8)

Surge in ADHD Diagnoses Risks Unnecessary Medication, Study Finds

Some children needlessly treated with potentially harmful drugs (November 6)

Survey: More Than Half of Americans Have GI Symptoms, Don’t Seek Medical Care

Pancreatic insufficiency can mimic digestive diseases (November 6)

Testosterone Treatment Tied to Heart Risks in Older Men

Authors note increased risk of mortality, MI, and ischemic stroke (November 6)

Special Camera Detects Tumors

‘Multispectral fluorescence system’ makes malignant tissues glow (November 4)

NIH Study: Gabapentin May Be Useful for Treating Alcohol Dependence

Anticonvulsant drug scores in placebo-controlled trial (November 4)

Label Warnings Not Enough to Protect Consumers When Taking Acetaminophen

Health care professionals should counsel patients on risks, authors say (November 4)

‘Intensive' Exercise May Help Patients With Heart Failure

High-intensity programs more effective than low-intensity ones (October 31)

CDC Report: U.S. Malaria Cases Reach 40-Year High

Americans remain vulnerable when traveling (October 31)

ER Study Finds 1 in 10 Older Teens Misuse Rx Painkillers and Sedatives

Findings suggest opportunity to screen for prescription drug abuse (October 29)

New Biomarker May Predict Which Breast Precancers Will Progress

Researchers focus on Vav2 protein (October 28)

Study Questions FDA’s Shorter Drug Approval Times

Faster approvals may compromise safety (October 28)

Exhaled Breath Biomarker May Detect Lung Cancer

Researchers develop breath-based clinical test (October 28)

Mayo Clinic Survey: Uterine Fibroids Affect Quality of Life, Workplace Performance

African-American women have more symptoms (October 24)

CDC Reports Trends in Cholesterol Levels of U.S. Adults

No change in percentage of adults with high total cholesterol since 2009 (October 24)

Simple Blood Test May Catch Early Pancreatic Cancer

Disease usually found too late to save lives (October 23)

Imaging Breast Cancer With Light

Researchers unveil ‘photoacoustic mammoscope’ (October 23)

Study: Docs More Likely to Recommend Costly Prostate Therapy When They Own the Machine

Federal law allows ‘in house’ services (October 24)

Study: Flu Shot Halves Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke in People With History of Heart Attack

Further research under way (October 22)

New Evidence for Role of Specific Virus in Type 1 Diabetes

Discovery paves way for vaccine therapy (October 22)

Gene Linked to Deadly Fungal Infection

Findings support role of genetics in vulnerability to disease (October 21)

NIH Study to Examine Whether Vitamin D Prevents Diabetes

Researchers test much-touted vitamin in subjects with prediabetes (October 21)