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P&T April 2013


Experience and Results From an Academic Medical Center

One institution’s review of 17 drug classes led to 3 formulary additions, 15 deletions, 5 new therapeutic interchanges, and 6 drug-safety issues requiring action. Cost-savings opportunities also resulted from using generic medications and alternative product formulations.

Current treatment of herpes zoster includes antiviral agents and analgesic drugs, but no single drug or combination can prevent or completely relieve symptoms. VZV vaccinations can help to reduce health and economic effects of the virus.

Keeping Patients Enrolled

With patient dropout rates sometimes exceeding 30%, managers might improve patient retention by ensuring that the trial’s mission is on target, reducing the number of visits and assessments, and simplifying case report forms.

Meeting Highlights

In 2007, there were no medical applications (apps) for mobile devices, but within 3 years, 44 million mobile apps had been downloaded onto electronic devices. this article reviews pingmd and


Medication Errors

Preventing mistakes with color-tinted intravenous tubing

Prescription: Washington

Patients and small businesses might not be able to obtain some brand-name drugs when the new health exchanges are in place.

Oxybutynin transdermal system (Oxytrol for Women) for overactive bladder; alogliptin tablets (nesina, Kazano, and Oseni) for diabetes; and pomalidomide (Pomalyst) capsules for multiple myeloma

Drug Forecast

Apixaban (eliquis) for treating and preventing thromboembolic disease