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P&T’s Digital Edition

Click here for Current Digital Edition of P&T

The digital edition of P&T is now available. Readers see a complete copy of an issue on their computer screens, with the added ability to search through every single word in the issue. With the digital edition, you can:

  • click on any URL anywhere in the magazine and go directly to that Web page.
  • click on the title of any article on the cover or in the table of contents and go directly to that article.
  • search for any string of characters.
  • make and save notes with the article that you are reading.
  • instantly e-mail a link to any article to an associate.
  • get more information about advertised products by clicking on an ad.
  • save the magazine file to your desktop for offline reading.
  • print any or all pages.

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A Quick Guide to Using the Digital Edition