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Guidelines for Authors

Requirements for Acceptance

P&T accepts only original, unpublished manuscripts. Email submissions, with the manuscript as a Microsoft Word attachment, are encouraged.

All feature articles undergo a thorough peer review process, usually within four to eight weeks. Authors will then have the opportunity to respond to reviewer comments. The editor reserves the right to edit all submissions for space, clarity, style, and consistency.

When submitting manuscripts for peer review, authors should declare in a cover letter that the paper or parts of the paper have not been published, are not currently submitted for publication elsewhere, and will not be submitted elsewhere during the review process.

All manuscripts should disclose any financial arrangements with pharmaceutical or medical education companies or any other information that might indicate a perceived conflict of interest.

Manuscripts are published at the discretion of the editor. Authors whose manuscripts are accepted will be required to sign a copyright transfer agreement, assigning copyright of their articles to the publisher.

Manuscript Preparation

All manuscript pages should be numbered consecutively and should be typed in American Medical Association (AMA) style, without any special formatting. Text should be double-spaced. Articles can be from 2,500 to 9,000 words. Commentaries, book reviews, and letters to the editor should not exceed 2,000 words.

All manuscripts should include a title page. The title page should include the names, degrees, titles, affiliations, email and mailing addresses, fax numbers, and phone numbers of all authors.

Abstracts are optional. They should be no more than 300 words and should succinctly summarize the article.

Authors may supply up to seven key words following the Abstract.

The text should be broken up by headings and subheadings for clarity.


References should be numbered consecutively as superscripts in the text and should correspond to a reference list that follows the main text. The list should be typed as regular text and styled without end notes that link the text and references. Whenever possible, current references are preferable to historical sources.

If possible, abstracts should not be used as references.

Authors should check that no references cite retracted articles except in the context of referring to the retraction.


Authors should include a copy of the letters both seeking and granting permission to reprint previously published material. They should begin seeking permission to reproduce the material upon P&T’s acceptance of their article for publication in order to allow sufficient time for the original publisher or copyright holder to grant permission.

P&T assumes no responsibility for charges incurred in the process of obtaining permission from other sources. When writing to publishers, authors should identify the publisher’s original figure or table number, journal name, volume and issue number, authors of the original article, and the new table or figure number as it will appear in the P&T article.

Tables, Figures, Artwork, and Photos

Authors may submit both original and reprinted illustrations, tables, or color and black-and-white photos, or PowerPoint slides or Excel files via email. Previously published material should include the complete source citation.

Tables can be included in the Word document. They should be typed on separate pages following the main text and numbered consecutively as cited in the text. If a table is wide (set in landscape view), it should be sent in a separate Word document. Table titles should be typed above the table. Nonstandard abbreviations should be defined in a footnote.

Figures in Excel or a graphics file format such as .tif, .jpg, .ppt, .gif, or .png should be submitted as separate files and should not be pasted into the Word document.

Each figure should appear on a new page, with a legend below, and numbered consecutively as cited in the text. Authors should mention the name of the program that was used to create the art.

Photographs should be sent as digital files.

Submit manuscripts to:
Sonja Sherritze, Editor, P&T
19 West College Avenue
Suite 100
Yardley, PA 19067
Sonja Sherritze
Phone: 267-685-3759